Mini-camp on Island Rab

Camp Wodenča

Nature Camp Wodenča is a newly opened boutique camp on the Island Rab, located toward the edge of the village Barbat. Camp Wodenča is situated in a beautiful olive grove, with one half of the camp's perimeter bordering the village and the other bordering the island's nature.

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The camp site can accommodate around 60 guests with tents, motor vehicles, campers and smaller caravan houses.

Together with 20 parcels the complex offers 2 modern bathroom facilities with warm water, septic support for campers, a space for washing dishes by hand, and a washing machine for clothing. We have 3 sink basins with warm water, electrical connection throughout the camp and a strong and fast wi-fi connection. On top of all that, we're pet friendly, our facilities include a separate bath for our guests with paws.

wifi  Strong WIFI connection.


  • 2 modern bathroom facilities
  • warm water
  • electricity outlets
  • near grocery shopping
  • near caffe bar, grill and restaurant

The nearby village Barbat has a supermarket, a nice long walkway along the sea, caffe bars, beach bars, cocktail bars, restaurants with delicious fresh fish and open-fire grills, you'll always have something to do.

For those who want peace and quiet


Camp Wodenča is a great choice for those who are looking for a peaceful vacation in nature. Warm nights under the starry sky, and morning coffees accompanied by the smell and the sound of the sea are a perfect reason to visit Rab, and relax at Camp Wodenča.

Ambient ✨


"The spirit of the Mediterranean with smells of sea and salt, a quiet summer evening under the starry sky, the first morning coffee with a quiet rhythm of the sea and a peaceful family atmosphere are the reason why to come and relax in our camp."